Watch: Kevin Durant Gets Drafted Again In Amusing Nike Ad Directed By David Gordon Green

Some directors don't want you to know they go off and make commercials to keep the lights on between gigs, while others are perfectly happy to spend some time between pictures knocking out some spots, keeping their cinematic muscles oiled and ready to go. And that seems to be the case with David Gordon Green, who probably has a resume of commercials rivaling that of his feature films. You can check out a couple previous efforts here, and you've probably seen his most famous one: the "Halftime In America" Super Bowl spot with Clint Eastwood. Well, here's another advert from Green, and it's a good one... NBA megastar Kevin Durant takes center stage here in this fun, one-minute bit that finds him up for the draft -- again -- but this time in a recreational shirts/skins game. His competition? Anton Barrells ("This guy is like a bowling ball" lol). It's pretty sweet,

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