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[Casting] - "Blood Curse" Begins Filming in the UK

Rising British horror actress Melissa Hollett, star of "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" and "Exorcist Chronicles", has started filming her latest instalment to the genre. "Blood Curse: The Haunting Of Alicia Stone" is currently being shot on the South Coast of England in Brighton, the film tells the story of Alicia (played by Melissa) and her husband Jason (played by real-life husband Keiron Hollett) encountering strange phenomena upon receiving a gift from an estranged relative. The supernatural shocker also features a cameo appearance from Nathan Head ("Exorcist Chronicles", "The Archangel Murders") and is being produced for American studio Chemical Burn Entertainment, due for release in Spring 2014. Melissa Hollett is no newcomer to the spooky and nasty, being a long time...

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