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Take A Tour Of YouTube Space La As Part Of Geek Lab

Aside from a Freddie Wong-filled Google Streetview tour, the average viewer has had few chances to look inside YouTube's spiffy $25 million production venue. With YouTube's second summer 'lab', Geek Lab, in full swing, Kerri Doherty is offering viewers a look see. The Geeking Out leading lady has released a video where she tours the facility as part of her participation in Geek Lab. Doherty shows us some things we already knew about the space: It has a ton of green screens and a helicopter. At the same time, there are some fun discoveries. Who knew YouTube had old-school arcade games? More importantly, why is it so quiet in there? I thought YouTubers were known for acting out. Doherty also hints at a top-secret construction project that may be related to Geek Lab. If I had to guess, I'd say they're building a replica Death Star. Doherty is one of

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