Good Ideas and Quality Acting Elude "Escapee"

Escapee is the story of a high-security inmate who busts out of prison to go after the young psychology student he's obsessed with. A pretty simple story, for sure, but a classic one.

I'm a fan of Dominic Purcell. I think the man is an intimidating presence while also being badass enough to play a grounded, tough hero. Similar to Joel Schumacher's Blood Creek which is a smart, exciting movie, wherein Purcell delivers, he delivers in Escapee just the same, more or less. Even though the script suffers from some horrific moments of exposition, it's not entirely terrible. However, the movie is fairly by-the-numbers, which might be a problem for some, and it's also a tad ridiculous. The notion that a group of college students would just be lined against the wall while a dangerous prisoner is transferred from one cell to another is completely ridiculous. Granted, I don't

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