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Dexter ep 8.01 ‘A Beautiful Day’ a complex and confident, if light, season opener

Dexter, Season 8, Episode 1, ‘A Beautiful Day’

Written By Scott Buck

Directed By Keith Gordon

Airs Sundays, 8pm on Showtime

For a long term fan, nearing the end of Dexter Morgan’s journey is an experience that holds a tangible fear and pang of panic in one’s stomach. Not because of the fact that it will soon all be over, one of TV’s most immorally ambitious tales ever reaching its final chapter. The trouble has come with the undeniable rut that has set in the minutes following the harrowing ending to Season Four, when a writing team who had canvassed together a quadrilogy of emotive, compelling and unforgettable continuing stories stepped out the back door. By September 22nd, this will mean that a full half of the show’s run has been beset by a gang of scribes who too often have revealed themselves as producing well financed fan fiction.

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