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Exclusive: Psychological horror film 'Seventy-Nine' DVD, Cable and VOD rights acquired by Magic Elevator

by Seth Metoyer,

Magic Elevator has acquired DVD, cable and VOD rights to psychological horror film Seventy-Nine for November 2013 release.

The film will first be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, followed by other platforms. Check out the full details and trailer below.

From The Press Release:

Logline: In an abandoned mental hospital, a series of secret government experiments are being conducted on a new type of brainwashing – a project code-named ‘Limes’. ‘Limes’ is an ancient term describing a borderline between the civilized and barbaric world.

The movie was produced by Berenika Bailey and Jeff Solema.

Says Berenika Bailey: "We chose "Seventy-Nine" to produce from the hundreds of scripts we receive every month at Magic Elevator Productions because it had a philosophical edge to it. It's a smart, psychological type of horror, not the usual slasher film. The film is about new methods of brainwashing, seven tunnels of reality,

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