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Six of the best ... TV hairdressers

As BBC4's ultra-silly salon comedy Quick Cuts concludes, we look back at the history of hairdressers on TV, from the demonic to the philosophical

Jill (Nighty Night)

Beauty By Jill, the salon owned by Julia Davis' monstrous comic creation, tends to leave its customers either very unhappy, or dead in the back room. In the first ever episode, Jill gives one depressed woman a fringe so short it drives her to suicide. "What has happened is, divorce has brought your eyebrows down, and that has largened up your forehead."

Audrey (Coronation Street)

Philosopher, matriarch, tireless champion of the set perm – Audrey's cannily named salon Audrey's has been Coronation Street's dramatic hub since she took it over in 1998. The stress of an ownership feud with devilish grandson David brought on a heart attack last year. These are clearly dangerous places to work.

Shane (The L Word)

Of all

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