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Status at the Half (TV), Part 2: Best of the Rest

As my Televerse cohost Simon Howell and I discussed in our Top 10 TV Series of 2013 (So Far), this has been a spectacular year for television, with many shows delivering remarkably consistent seasons (or half-seasons) of memorable, moving television. A number of series were in contention for our Top 10 but didn’t quite make the cut, often because they lacked the week-in, week-out consistency of our final picks. Here is our list of the Best of the Rest, the standout episodes of 2013 from shows that didn’t make our Top 10. With so many choices, and because we’ve seen and are drawing from different series, Simon and I are offering more personalized picks here. As with our Top 10, the list is alphabetical. –Kate Kulzick

Adventure Time, “Simon & Marcy” / The Venture Bros., “What Color is Your Cleansuit?”

Adventure Time, “Simon & Marcy”

Written and Storyboarded by Cole Sanchez and Rebecca Sugar

Directed by

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