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Dcms defends BFI cuts; industry responds

Dcms says it’s ‘baffled’ at BFI complaints; industry says Government is sending mixed messages.

Britain’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport (Dcms ) has issued a sharply worded statement calling on the British Film Institute (BFI) to accept the 10% cut in its resource funding that was announced last week.

“The Government will do whatever it takes to ensure Britain remains as at the forefront of the global film industry. The UK film industry is worth billions, with our tax breaks securing hundreds of millions of pounds of inward investment,” a Dcms spokesperson noted. “However, we cannot, and public bodies should not, ignore the need to tackle the country’s deficit. We are baffled that the BFI, despite vastly increased amounts of Lottery funding, and having received an additional £1.3m of capital, (part of which will support the development of a BFI player to unlock new revenue streams) appear unable to recognise the role that they have

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