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Court Returns Paula Deen Deposition Video To Lawyers, Putting Public Release In Doubt

Get ready for a free-for-all over one of the summer’s most highly sought after videos: Paula Deen‘s racially insensitive comments from a May deposition — part of a suit by a former Deen employee who charged that she saw multiple instances of racial and sexual discrimination. The leaked written transcript of the celebrity chef’s comments helped to upend her business empire including her affiliation with the Food Network. But the U.S. District Court for Southern Georgia this week returned the video to the plaintiff’s lawyers. It accepted the video on May 30 because “the written transcript of that deposition was not available at that time,” a July 10 note by court clerk Scott Poff says. Since the transcript was filed on June 11, “the Court’s access to the video is no longer necessary.” As a result, the court “is now removing the video from its possession and returning it to you.

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