Indie Spotlight: Grayson: Earth One – Nightwing Origin Series from Writer-Director Hisonni Johnson

Last week's inaugural run of our weekly Indie Spotlight featured a Dragon Ball Z effort from French director Yohan Faure.  Today's installment also has a superhero slant to it.  Writer-director Hisonni Johnson (Fight Night Legacy) has taken a new approach to the origin story of one Richard Grayson, aka Nightwing, in his new series, Grayson: Earth One.  Bat-fans will see Grayson and other familiar characters re-imagined in a totally unique way with plenty of Easter eggs and cameos to boot.  You may have recognized Johnson's name from his previous projects Olympia and Fight Night Legacy, but Grayson: Earth One is a great new small-scale effort in a world of big superhero movies.  Hit the jump to check out the series premiere and to learn how you can contribute. Check out the Grayson: Earth One series premiere below: And here's star Stephen McCain with a special message for fans: If you like what you see here,

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