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Will Paula Deen's N-word deposition video be released?

Paula Deen's career trajectory forever changed when she uttered that she "of course" used the N-word during a deposition, but don't expect that "colorful" video to be released any time soon. In fact, the judge on the case ruled that the video will never be revealed to the public.

TMZ has the news about the video, which Deen filed to have blocked last week. Apparently Deen was afraid the ex-employee whose case was being looked into when the former Food Network star made her racist admission would leak the video to the media.

Of course, a transcript of Deen's deposition is floating around the Internet, so anyone can read what she said in lieu of watching it. She has reportedly lost $7.5 million of her annual income since the N-word admission, and many of her sponsors have since dropped her. Though Deen fired her longtime agent Barry Weiner, it doesn't

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