Kate Middleton’s New Due Date Revealed By Her Mom — Report

Kate’s July 13 due date has come and gone, but the Duchess is still pregnant! Could she and Prince William have intentionally been vague about the due date? Kate’s mom Carole Middleton has reportedly spilled the beans about a much later due date!

The world is waiting with bated breath for the royal baby to arrive, but it may not be as soon as we all think! Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s supposed due date of July 13 has passed, but we now know that that may not have been her real due date!

Kate Middleton Allegedly Not Due Until July 23

Kate’s mom Carole Middleton reportedly told her friends that the baby will be a Leo, meaning the newborn isn’t supposed to arrive for a few more days!

Kate’s due date may not be for another week or so, according to NBC. The news site reports

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