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DVD Release: The Stranger Within

Digital & DVD Release Date: Sept. 3, 2013

Price: DVD $22.99

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

2013 thriller film The Stranger Within is not to be confused with all the other movies with the same name that were released before it. It might have been better if Sony had kept the original name of The Stranger Inside.

Whatever you call it, the R-rated film stars William Baldwin (Backdraft) and Estella Warren (See You in September) as a couple relaxing in a vacation home on a remote Mediterranean island after a traumatic ordeal. Their first night in the house, they’re interrupted by a girl (Sarah Butler, I Spit On Your Grave) who has blood on her hands. The couple quickly discover she also likes playing mind games.

The Stranger Within is the first feature film written and directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff (TV’s 2900 Happiness) and stars Katia Winter (TV’s Dexter) and Jeffrey Pierce (TV

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