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Watch: Ricky Gervais Is A David Bowie Impersonator In 1999 Comedy Pilot 'Golden Years'

It’s always fascinating to see a famous performer in their more formative years. For Ricky Gervais, his formative years were rather brief, as he had his mainstream television debut in 1999. That’s two years before “The Office” first aired on the BBC, when his career subsequently exploded. Nevertheless, it’s very interesting to see where the comedian got his start. Gervais got his first big break in a one-off for Channel 4’s “Comedy Lab,” which is a program that showcases comedy pilots. Gervais’ show, co-written with Stephen Merchant, was called “Golden Years” and, thankfully for us, the entire episode is available online.Dangerous Minds recently unearthed the little-seen pilot whose style is not that far off from what Merchant/Gervais would later do with “The Office.” Gervais’ character is Clive Meadows, an owner of a video rental chain that’s obsessed with David Bowie and wants to impersonate

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