Arrow Season 2 The Black Canary Arriving But With A Twist,New Spoiler

Arrow season 2 the Black Canary arriving but with a twist,new spoiler. According to a recent report from The Wrap, the Arrow season 2 folks are bringing on popular comic book character, "The Black Canary," and they've already cast a hottie actress to play her. She's going to be played by actress ,Caity Lotz. However, there is going to be a little twist,going on with her character a she's set up to eventually become a new love interest for Oliver aka Arrow. She will start off as recurring character, and then eventually become a regular. The Black Canary is the alter-ego of Dinah Drake. And actually, she already showed up in their new season 2 sizzle reel that was featured at the big 2013 Comic-Con event, which we posted, earlier. She served up a ton of action moves too when she had a run-in with Roy Harper. It was awesome. Caity Lotz

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