Jenelle Evans Rushed To Hospital For Emergency Surgery

Oh no! The ‘Teen Mom 2′ star had quite the health scare on July 22 when she went to the hospital in excruciating pain — and was immediately prepped for surgery! Find out what happened.

Jenelle Evans, 21, as had just about as many medical problems as legal troubles, but the Teen Mom 2 star faced one of the most frightening health complications yet on July 22. She had to undergo emergency surgery, but luckily boyfriend Nathan Griffith was by her side.

Jenelle Evans Hospitalized — ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Had To Get Appendix Out

Jenelle was suffering from chronic pain, but hadn’t sought help for weeks, her boyfriend tells But when she went to the hospital to get it checked out, it turned out to be worse than she imagined! Nathan tells

She’s been in pain for about a month and I suggested before that it could be her appendix.

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