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Game News: Warframe, PS4, Max, Gaiman


With Microsoft having recently reversed their policies for indie games to self-publish on the Xbox One, Digital Extremes reports that their anticipated title "Warframe" could potentially come to the Xbox One.

Warframe is presently out on PC, will be available as a launch title on PS4, and boasts cross-platform compatibility enabling players from the different platforms to interact and play with each other. [Source: Oxm]


Sony's PS4 has been tested extensively by the Us government regulator agency the FCC and has been found to run "significantly cooler" than the PS3. In fact, the operating temp of the PS4 is 41-95 Degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to 113-131 Degrees Fahrenheit of the PS3.

The system also has a maximum clock efficiency of 2.75GHz. In terms of size and weight it falls somewhere between the PS3 Slim and Super Slim. Regarding size, it's half an inch narrower and half an inch shorter than the Slim,

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