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Alive and kicking: the changing view of older people on the silver screen

The number of films dealing with age is rising as older people take up more of the cinema-going audience

The world's population is ageing. Today, there are about 600 million older people around the world, three times more than 50 years ago – and by 2050 there should be three times more again. The effect of that is already apparent in almost every sector, including culture, which of course includes the cinema. In the early 20th century, the brand-new film industry symbolised glamour and eternal youth before being relegated to a largely teenage audience, and then being caught up by age in the following century: the age of its audience, its creators, its characters and its subject matter.

The cinema has always found ways of dealing with the subject. For many years it simply skirted the issue in two ways. One was by using farce, with truculent old rogues, as in Frank Capra's

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