Novocaine – The DVD Review

Review by Sam Moffitt

In the realm of bad movies every movie geek has their favorites. I read with interest Tom Stockman’s musings on The Room, a bad movie masterpiece I have yet to see, it’s in my Netflix queue though!

Bad movies have their place in any movie geeks library. Movie watching parties can be so much fun if the movies picked are from the resumes of directors like Ed Wood, Phil Tucker, or Herschell Gordon Lewis. Laughing along with movies like this can be such a joy. The crew at Mystery Science Theatre made careers out of laughing at bad movies. Low budget crap made by amateur or semiprofessional film makers is so easy to love.

But what are we to make of a movie made by main stream, A-list Hollywood professionals, made by people with really good movies in their career, which is damn near unwatchable?

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