WWE Main Event & Nxt Review: The Shield Is Down And The Wyatt Family Goes Up

Usually, the two pack of WWE Main Event and Nxt is the strongest wrestling television of the week from Vince and company. However, sometimes there are building weeks with a ton of shenanigans. And this week was apparently one of those times. Not to say there wasn’t great action, just not up to standards of the usual programming. Let’s begin by breaking down this week’s edition of the Main Event.

The Main Event comes to us from the not so distant past of last week. We are welcomed by the broadcast team of Jbl and Josh Matthews as R-Truth does his full rap as he is set to battle the Rebel Son himself Wade Barrett.

(Can you tell WWE is on an international tour this week and didn’t really care what they put out on television this week?)

The match itself felt very awkward. I just