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Bond and Sherlock composer David Arnold: 'He doesn't follow the herd'

The writer of the scores for Quantum of Solace, Hot Fuzz and more how he tackles his work – and what John Barry told him

David Arnold, the James Bond composer and musical director of the London Olympics closing ceremony, is talking ghosts. The north London studios where we meet, he tells me, are haunted. Doors slam shut and footsteps are heard in studios that he knows to be empty.

In one part of the building – a former school and church – electrical equipment never works and people report sightings of two spectral schoolchildren dressed in Victorian clothing. "I'm halfway between being a real cynic and totally convinced by it," says Arnold. Our conversation is made more disconcerting by the lights switching off every 15 minutes (an eco-friendly device, not an otherwordly one).

If it sounds like a case for BBC1's Sherlock then that would be entirely appropriate – Arnold is currently working,

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