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TV highlights 06/08/2013

Live Cricket: Friends Life T20 Quarter Finals | Count Arthur Strong | The Kids with No Memory | Stephen Fry's Key to the City | Make Me a German | King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons | Steve Coogan: Stand-Up Down Under | The Mindy Project

Live Cricket: Friends Life T20 Quarter Finals

4pm, Sky Sports Ashes

Traditional cricket fans harrumph at the shorter version of the game; unsurprisingly, with team names such as the Sussex Sharks and Nottingham Outlaws. But, though the current Ashes series has exhibited the joys of "proper" cricket, there's no doubt that T20 does provide a thrill as the overs count down. At the time of writing the lineups for these quarter-finals are unknown, though Nottinghamshire and last year's winners Hampshire have impressed in the group stage. David Stubbs

Count Arthur Strong

8pm, BBC2

Populated by doddering characters and stylistically channelling the old-school British sitcom, Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan's

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