Pierce Brosnan returns to television after 23 years

Former James Bond star to appear in as-yet-untitled private eye series quarter of a century after Remington Steele

"The name's Brosnan... Pierce Brosnan, and I'll be back after the break." Quite a long break, in fact, after the former James Bond star announced he was returning to television 23 years after he last starred in detective series Remington Steele.

Brosnan will appear in and produce the series about an international private eye dealing with kidnappings, murders and industrial espionage.

His fourth and final Bond film was Die Another Day in 2002. He recently made a cameo appearance in Fox TV pilot Running Wilde but his last regular TV role was Remington Steele, which famously prevented him from taking the Bond role earlier and came to an end in 1987.

The as-yet-untitled new series is being produced by Sony Pictures Television, which said it was taking the show to the international marketplace before finding a Us broadcaster.

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