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Renny Harlin on The Dyatlov Pass Incident: 'There are only guesses'

Finnish director Renny Harlin, the maker of Die Hard 2 and The Long Kiss Goodnight, has now decided to tackle one of the eeriest mysteries in Russian history. Here he explains why

'Oh, you'll have fun with Renny," says his assistant as I'm ushered into his office in Venice, Los Angeles, three blocks from where Orson Welles filmed the opening sequence of Touch of Evil. "He's been doing his homework on you."

My mind fills with horrifying possibilities, recalling how Don Simpson would have a journalist's credit rating, divorce papers, and even criminal record to hand for an interview. But Finland's most successful director simply appears before me with a grin and says: "Hello, John, I very much enjoyed your – " and he quotes something I wrote a month back. "I laughed all day!" he adds.

Renny Harlin, a lean, ginger-haired man of medium height with a wind-burned, tough-guy sort of face,

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