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The Highest Praise "Deadly Swarm" Deserves is 'Competent'

An entomologist, how fortuitous.

It’s the season to come to town and the mayor wants to kick out the expert because it might hurt their business. But it isn’t summer on Amity Island, it’s the Dia de los Muertos in a small Mexican village and it isn’t sharks, it’s a swarm of vicious insects. One thing is the same—we’ve got a man-eater out there. In Deadly Swarm, Dr. Daniel Lang (Shane Brolly) is an entomologist brought to this small village to take care of the malaria-carrying mosquitos. The mayor (Roger Nevares) isn’t too pleased that Lang’s sanitized mosquitos are now annoying the populace ahead of the Dia de los Muertos celebration. Meanwhile, the semi-crazed Dr. Fortsen (J. Patrick McCormack) has captured a swarm of deadly wasps and given them to a drug-smuggler to take back to the United States. This smuggler

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