NY In The Movies 1967–75 At MoMI Review: Gritty, Dark Heist Drama 'Across 110th Street'

Across 110th Street is set in Harlem, New York, where 110th Street is an informal boundary line, separating Harlem from Central Park; symbolically dividing New York City by wealth, class and race (although that's certainly no longer quite the case, 41 years after the film was made.  Three black armed robbers (Paul Benjamin, Antonio Fargas and Ed Bernard) slaughter five men - three Blacks and two Italians - in a raid on a Mob-owned Harlem policy bank that nets them $300,000. And the chase begins, with 2 different groups hunting for the men - the sadistic, racist Mafia lieutenant (Anthony Franciosa), seizing the opportunity to prove himself, with the task of retrieving the stolen...

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