WWE Main Event And Nxt Review: Is WWE Finding That Magic Of Making Great Characters Again?

With all the over-the-top McMahon craziness from Monday night, people may gloss over the Wednesday night offering of the Main Event and Nxt. But in reality it is still without a doubt the best one-two punch of WWE produced programming all week. Especially this week as we get a double dose of crazy, sexy and cool with Divas Champion Aj Lee. Plus, we see an awesome two out of three falls match with Antonio Césaro and Sami Zayn. Let us begin with this week’s Main Event.

The show begins with a solid six man tag with the Usos and Kofi Kingston versus The Shield. Everybody was on point as both trios gave it their all. At one point, the babyfaces did an amazing triple dive on the Hounds of Justice. The match had great back-and-forth between the two sides. Kofi Kingston definitely looks the best since his return to the WWE.