Fright At Home: August 27th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases!

Today may not be a massive day for home video for some people, but most people have not been introduced to the insane fun of I Come In Peace (or Dark Angel, whichever floats your Lundgren boat). It’s something of a miracle that Scream Factory’s brought it to Blu-ray, and a testament to how incredible they are. Also out from Scream & Shout Factory are Larry Cohen’s Q: The Winged Serpent on Blu-ray, Charles Bronson & Lee Marvin’s western team-up Death Hunt, an action-packed double feature of The Barbarians and The Norseman, and last but not least Season 3 of The Walking Dead from Anchor Bay.

I’ve attached artwork and links below to purchase if you so desire!

Fright At Home: August 27th’s DVD & Blu-ray Releases

Purchase: Dark Angel (I Come In Peace) (Blu-ray/Scream Factory)

Detective Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren, Joshua Tree, The Expendables) thought he

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