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Emmys 2013: 'Breaking Bad' writer George Mastras talks 'Dead Freight' and his unusual career path

"Breaking Bad" was nominated for 29 Emmys in its first for seasons. It scored nods for acting, directing, cinematography, editing and sound mixing -- but never writing.

That drought finally ended with the first half of Season 5. Among the AMC series' 13 nominations this year are two for writing -- Thomas Schnauz for the episode "Say My Name" and George Mastras for "Dead Freight."

Mastras also got his first directing credit on "Dead Freight," which included a complex train-robbery sequence that he had to put together both on the page and on location. It was no small feat -- Mastras tells Zap2it the scene filled "10 or 15 pages" of the script as he laid out the multiple cuts between several characters and places.

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"I guess if you weren't directing, maybe you'd just kind of write the action out and not do it that way," Mastras says.

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