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Where Is The Cast Of 'Newsies' Today?

Where Is The Cast Of 'Newsies' Today?

It's hard to believe "Newsies" has been around since 1992. Directed by choreographer Kenny Ortega (who you can also thank for the the "High School Musical" series), the film was a major box office flop, but later gained a cult following on home video. Now, it's been turned into a Broadway musical that has earned eight Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical, winning Best Choreography and Best Original Score.

For those of you who have been waking up every day for the past 21 years with "Seize The Day" stuck in your head, this is for you. Scroll down to see where the cast of the beloved Disney movie is today.

David Moscow, "David Jacobs"


Oh hey, Duncan, from your favorite failed 1999 TV show "Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane." David was also in the movies "Just Married," "Honey" and "Vacancy 2: The First Cut." Fun fact: He was once engaged to Kerry Washington.

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