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Doctor Who 50th anniversary: fan round-up

Feature Louisa Mellor 30 Aug 2013 - 09:30

It’s time for our monthly look at how fans are unofficially celebrating Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary, from weddings to sing-alongs…

In our June and July round-ups of the creative ways in which fans are celebrating Doctor Who’s fiftieth birthday, we’ve featured stage shows, musicals, fan-made trailers, school magazines, quizzes, highly entertaining fan-written scripts, but never anything quite like this...

Anyone hear wedding bells?

Mass Doctor Who wedding

Remember the first UK Klingon wedding at last year's Star Trek convention? Frankly, it was difficult to forget. Now, Doctor Who fans can get in on the action this November.

If you’re a couple wanting to get married, renew your vows, or have your union blessed at “a luxurious venue in London, in November 2013” alongside 49 other Who-fan pairs, then this is your chance. Anyone interested in getting involved should email

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