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Sir David Frost: multiple talents earned a place in TV history

Pioneering entrepreneur and interviewer, most famous for drawing a confession from disgraced Us president Richard Nixon

Such was the longevity and breadth of Sir David Frost's career in television that arguably any one of a good half-dozen of his achievements would have been sufficient to secure his place in broadcasting history.

Over more than 50 years, from a post-Cambridge traineeship with the Associated-Rediffusion ITV franchise to a role with al-Jazeera, Frost was the interviewer of eight UK prime ministers and seven Us presidents, a pioneer of TV satire and comedy, the tormentor-confessor of Richard Nixon, a TV entrepreneur and early innovator of self-production, a master of the chatshow sofa and a long-running gameshow host.

Frost's first brush with showbusiness came as secretary of the Cambridge Footlights revue, where contemporaries remember the cast's bemusement when on tour to see posters declaring David Frost presents The Footlights.

After his traineeship with Rediffusion,

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