Pumpkin Scissors DVD Review

Director: Katsuhito Akiyama

Starring: Shizuka Itou, Kaytha Coker, Kenta Miyake, Adam Dudley, Chihiro Suzuki, Blake Shepard, Cho, Marty Fleck, Kana Ueda, Monica Passley

Running Time: 600 minutes

Certificate: 15

Having very little to do with either pumpkins or scissors, Pumpkin Scissors is a bizarrely titled anime, but one that has a lot going for it. Set after a war between the empire and the republic (we aren’t given specific details, just go with it), we follow the daily runnings and adventures of the Pumpkin Scissors, a military group set-up as “war relief”. They’re pretty much a propaganda tool used to convince the public that the military gives a damn about the poor, ill, and starving. Unfortunately for the militaries top brass, Pumpkin Scissors is lead by Alice Malvin, who happens to be an honourable soldier as well as a member of the social elite. This makes her the perfect focus

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