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30-minute Square Doc Details the History of 'Final Fantasy'

How did the long-lived RPG series help the flagging fortunes of developer Squaresoft in the late 80's? Documentary filmmaker Joshua Drew pieces together the history of the franchise from interviews and articles, assembling a portrait of a company teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and saved by one beloved franchise.

[Source: Joshua Drew via Kotaku]

The video is the second installment of Drew's "All Your Complaints: History of Squaresoft" series, revealing some of the behind-the-scenes events surrounding the origins of the "Final Fantasy" franchise, including why series mastermind and head of development Hironobu Sakaguchi was once ready to leave games entirely.

"Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy Xiii" will be out next year, and the troubled Mmo "Final Fantasy Xiv" recently relaunched with "A Realm Reborn" to a lot of positive word of mouth.

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