World 3-D Film Expo: “House Of Wax”

World 3-D Film Expo: “House Of Wax”

For the third year running, the World 3-D Film Expo has come to Hollywood, with 35 screenings of rare, classic 3-D prints spread out over two weeks at the resplendently restored and iconic Grauman’s Egyptian Theater.

This year, audiences are treated to a stellar lineup that includes House Of Wax, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Revenge Of The Creature, Jaws 3-D, Wings Of The Hawk, It Came From Outer Space, The Mad Magician, Robot Monster, Hondo, and many more.

The event began this past weekend, and I had the pleasure of being in attendance for a couple of the screenings. It was my first experience with the Expo, and it’s all been fantastic thus far. Over the next week, I’ll be discussing my experiences at the event (I’m attending four days), the movies, and the special guests in attendance (like The Julie Adams, Joe Alves, and Piper Laurie). In fact,

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