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Tiff 2013: Fat Review

Obesity rarely gets a human face, which is understandable because we're all too busy looking at the gut.  Dismissively, an obese person is just someone with little to no self-control, and their physical appearance serves as either something to gross us out and/or a comment on America's socio-economic issues in regards to the manufacturing and selling of junk food.  Mark Phinney's Fat focuses on the individual beneath the cellulite, and mostly hits the mark when it comes to showing the pain and self-loathing that creates a vicious cycle.  It may not be particularly insightful, but it still feels honest until it starts being undone by a tired storytelling turn, and forcing a dramatic structure that lessens the emotional impact. Ken (Mel Rodriguez) is horribly obese.  He needs a breathing machine at night, and suffers from gout, bad blood pressure, and a host of other health problems.  He also

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