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Music in Film: Cars, clapping and computer games

Feature 13 Sep 2013 - 07:20

Gonzo guitars in Rush, chip tune nostalgia in The Kings Of Summer, and clapping in Ain't Them Bodies Saints. It's Music in Film time...

As autumn draws in, film music fans are set for a dream couple of months. Danny Elfman has a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, Michael Nyman is set to perform at the London Film Festival and Neil Brand is leading a BBC4 series starting Thursday 12th September called Sound Of Cinema, which looks fantastic.

To top it all off, September also sees the release of some diverse, decent and downright unique soundtracks. Here are three that have wormed their way into my earholes.


When watching Ron Howard’s F1 drama, the first thing you notice, before you even see a car, is the sound: the roar of an engine as the vehicles scream round the bend and burn tire tracks in your ears.

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