Home Entertainment: Prevertere Review

Director: Brian McGuire

Starring: Terry Wanye, Antonella Ponziani, Pollyanna McIntosh, Rose Rossi, Bret Roberts, James Duval, Joey Capone, Mike Lutgen, Jordan Harkins

Running Time: 87 minutes

Just from the tagline and the name alone, you know that Prevertere is going to be one of those love/hate film but do not let its unsubtle surface fool you, because underneath is a film that you’ll unexpectedly enjoy.

The film follows Templeton, a man stuck between thinking with his heart and thinking with another vital organ for a male. As the story unfolds, we find Templeton dealing with a two-year booty call with an Italian woman that he does not know the name of, his dream woman that has promised to have sex with him at least once a year, and his on/off girlfriend of the last few years.

Another thing not to be fooled with when it comes to this

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