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Boomerang Family (2013) Movie Review

Korean director Song Hae Sung has had a very interesting career which has seen him tackle a variety of social and (often multi) cultural issues in different ways, from his award winning Choi Min Sik and Cecilia Cheung starring “Failan” through to his recent “A Better Tomorrow” remake. Based on a novel by Cheon Myung Gwan, his latest offering “Boomerang Family” is on the surface a lighter and more comic affair, dealing with a group of nearly middle aged siblings who return home to live with their aging mother. Playing the family are a fittingly eclectic and impressive cast, which includes Park Hae Il (“War of the Arrows”), Kong Hyo Jin (“Love Fiction”), Yoon Je Moon (“Dangerously Excited”) and Yoon Yeo Jeong (“The Taste of Money”), joined by young actress Jin Ji Hee (“Moon That Embraces the Sun”). Like most of Song’s works, the film went down well with the critics at home,

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