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"Floating City" Is Well Worth A Visit

Floating City is the journey of Bo Wah Chuen (Aaron Kwok), an adopted biracial child growing up on a fishing boat in British colonized Hong Kong in the 1940s. It was a time when people were clearly divided by their race and British citizenship, and anyone who didn't fit inside a neat box was ostracized. He is called “Mixed” by his own family and barred from attending the local school because parents did not want their children associating with him. When his family falls on hard times, his life becomes even harder, and he has to take on odd jobs and save every penny to provide for his mother and younger siblings. Against all odds, however, he learns to read and speak English, and he rises through the ranks of the Imperial East India to achieve success beyond his wildest dreams. Despite his success, however, one question still lingers. Who is Bo Wah Chuen,

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