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Citizen Khan creator Adil Ray: 'Don't allow yourself to be offended'

Sitcom writer on dealing with death threats and the importance of creating nostalgic family comedy

When the first series of the pioneering sitcom Citizen Khan aired last year, it sparked around 200 complaints and was accused of making fun of Islam, stereotyping Asians and being disrespectful to the Qur'an. A Facebook post said: "Cancel the show Or we will have repeat of riot we had a few months ago."

Well, a second series and a Christmas special have been filmed and there have been no riots – although shamefully some death threats were made.

However, Adil Ray, creator of the sitcom about a self-appointed "community leader", is not going to bow to pressure to make changes to appease his critics. Ray says he and the BBC knew there was "probably going to be an adverse reaction" as "it's a very sensitive area – it's the first time we've had a sitcom based on

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