Greatest TV Finales: The Thick of it ‘Ep 4.07′ says farewell to Malcolm and company

The Thick of It Series 4, Episode 7

Written by Simon Blackwell, Sean Gray, Ian Martin, Tony Roche, Will Smith

Directed by Tony Roche

Original airdate October 27, 2012

For four seasons and two specials, The Thick of it, acted as a strange hybrid between The West Wing and The Office. Some might argue that The Thick of it is technically better than either of those shows (this writer included), and the final episode proves why.

With bullet fast dialogue and intensely good acting (you’ll always be Malcolm Tucker to us Peter Capaldi), The Thick of it thrust viewers into a behind the scenes look at British government, often focusing on the barely functioning fictional Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship and the two ministers that run the department, first Hugh Abbot (Chris Langham) and later Nicola Murray (the painfully funny Rebecca Front). They are “helped” by aides Ollie Reeder (Chris Addison), Terri

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