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The Loss of Life Begins this Halloween!

Loss of Life is a found footage film, which takes place during Halloween. This indie title is slated for an October 25th, 2013 release on DVD an video-on-demand formats. The film deals with a hooded and masked killer, who has just been released from a drug rehabilitation home. Loss of Life stars Melvin Gregg (A House is Not a Home), Matthew Jordan and Randi Leigh Borden. As backstory and before the film begins, Erica Shaw (Borden) is found in a bathroom in which two other girls have been discovered drowned. Shaw is high on methamphetamines and sent to a drug rehabilitation center. Here, she spends two years getting her life back together. Several months later, a group of friends head up into the Laurel Canyon for a night of Halloween fun and Shaw has just been released from her confinement. A mysterious trailer has been released for Loss of Life. The

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