The Cat licks its paws on U.K. DVD

Most people fall into one of two categories. You're either a cat person or a dog person. Cat people are clearly more intelligent, though the fact that my cat Fudge is staring up at me as I type this might be influencing my decision on that one. Cats aren't so cute, however, in the 2011 Korean horror, The Cat. Popular television actress Park Min Young leaps onto the silver screen as the heroine of this eerie summer horror entry. Directed by Byun Seung Wook (Solace), The Cat also co-stars Kim Dong Wook (Romantic Heaven) and famous child actress Kim Sae Won's little sister Kim Ye Ron, in her acting debut. U.K. Cat lovers can have their milk and lick it on 30th December 2013, when The Cat slumps onto DVD for the first time. Synopsis: Pet groomer So Yeon (Park Min Young) has suffered from claustrophobia ever since she was a child.

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