Blue is the Warmest Colour 'banned' in Idaho

Alcohol licensing laws which prohibit screening of films with a sexual nature stops arthouse cinema from screening Palme D'Or winner

Blue Is the Warmest Colour – review

Blue is the Warmest Colour actors say filming lesbian love story was 'horrible'

For lovers of arthouse cinema it stands as one of the year's most highly anticipated and controversial films, a startling three-hour Palme D'Or winning saga of sapphic passion whose stars later denounced their director's working practices and vowed never to work with him again. But as Us filmgoers sit down to view Abdellatif Kechiche's Blue is the Warmest Colour later this month, they may just spare a second or two to pity their counterparts in the mountainous rural state of Idaho, where the explicit French drama has effectively been banned.

Carole Skinner, owner of the Flicks theatre in Boise, said the cinema was unable to show the film because its

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