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If The Tunnel looks familiar, it's because it's a format that works

The new Sky Atlantic thriller is adapted from The Bridge and is part of a growing trend for international remakes. Anyone for a Turkish version of The Oc?

This week sees the start of The Tunnel, a new drama beginning with the discovery of the body of a French politician on the border between England and France. If the premise sounds familiar, that's because it's an adaptation of The Bridge, the Swedish-Danish drama that was a hit for BBC4 and which spawned an American remake, where the action was situated on the Us-Mexico border. It's a popular format: nothing, it seems, has more crossover appeal than the irritation that one's national neighbours are so easily able to cross over into your own country.

The Tunnel is an example of the sort of international co-operation that is increasingly commonplace in television, as formats migrate globally to and from surprisingly far-flung places.

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