Damian Lewis: 'The Homeland writers are desperate to kill Brody'

As Homeland returns to our screens, the actor talks about failure, family, being caned at Eton – and his future on the hit TV show

For five months of the year, Damian Lewis lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where his hit TV series Homeland is filmed and where, after taking a break between seasons, he goes through the same acclimatisation routine. "The first week you think: I may never go home, this is amazing. The second week, you think: right, now I can get over my jet lag, this is really good fun. And then, after the second week, it's a disaster. I have kids and a wife; you spend a lot of the time quite homesick."

He is at home in London, gearing up for last weekend's UK launch of Homeland season three, which has some ground to make up after a disappointing second season. Lewis is at the zenith of his fame,

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