Rock and Shock Lineup Has Something for Everyone; Don't Miss the 10th Anniversary This Weekend!

If you're a horror fan anywhere near Worcester, Ma, don't walk, Run to one of the most beloved horror conventions on the East Coast. Of course we're talking about Rock and Shock!

You want celebrity guests? Rock and Shock's got 'em in spades. And some really unique convention celeb guests at that. Like Scott Wilson ("The Walking Dead"), Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, "The X-Files"), Sharknado director Anthony C. Ferrante and Jason Simmons ("Charmed") making their first ever convention appearances. How about horror icons Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, Gunnar Hansen, Kane Hodder, and Sid Haig; famous horror author Joe Knetter; and Twisted Sister frontman and all-around horror dude Dee Snider? They'll all be there carousing with the fans. One thing many Rock and Shock veterans always comment on is the laid back atmosphere of the festival and how the celebs feel comfortable just milling around with the fans.

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