Behind The Cape - The Punisher and The Wild World of Batwoman

In the first of a new feature here at Flickering Myth, Sam Thorne delves into the history of the superhero movie genre; first up is The Punisher and The Wild World of Batwoman...

The advent of the superhero genre, and its insane popularity is an unlikely one. It may seem hard to remember a time when these kind of films weren't pulling in several hundred million dollars. There's so much writing, interest, and academia in this golden age of superhero films, that the last 30 years of the genre trying to claw its way to legitimacy has mostly been forgotten. Before money-raking juggernauts like Avengers Assemble, before artistically respected material like The Dark Knight Trilogy, the superhero genre had it hard struggling with minor audiences and shoestring budgets.

Behind The Cape is an on-going feature that chronicles the more obscure, older and forgotten, or failed superhero films, and how they shaped

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